amaran P60x – 3 Lights Kit



  • 60W Output Bi-Color Lensed LED Panel
  • 78W Max Power Draw
  • Expanded Bi-Color CCT Range: 3,200K-6,500K
  • 5,070+ lux @ 1 Meter (5,600K)
  • Super Accurate Color Rendition (CRI: 95+, TLCI: 97+, SSI(D56): 72+, SSI(Tungsten): 84+
  • Stepless Dimming from 0-100%
  • Sidus Link App Compatible
  • 4 Built-In Lighting FX
  • Click Control Knobs to Cycle CCT & Brightness Presets
  • Tool-less Soft Box with Light Control Grid (45°)
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The amaran P60x is an expanded bi-color LED panel with a high-intensity light output of 60W, designed for content creators, videographers, and indie filmmakers. Built with a 45° beam angle optical design, the amaran P60x is capable of outputting a staggering 5,070+ lux at 1 meter. It also features an expanded bi-color CCT range of 3,200K-6,500K to match the color temperature of nearly any environment you encounter.

Take advantage of the multiple fixtures in the amaran P60x 3-Light Kit to create simple 3-point lighting setups, or light larger spaces with the same portable fixtures.

Beautiful color fidelity. Built with the best-in-class bi-color LED technology and precision-designed optics to achieve even color blending and more organic shadow production, the amaran P60x is able to reach scores of CRI 95+, TLCI 97+, SSI (Tungsten) 84, and SSI (D56) 72, producing colors on par with some of the best lights in the film industry. 

Complete power solutions. The amaran can be powered by two NP-F style batteries for over an hour, in addition to traditional AC power, making it the perfect portable and flexible lighting solution. When connected to AC power, the P60x can also charge NP-F style batteries, making it the perfect multi-tool for content creators.


  • 3x amaran P60x
  • 3x amaran P60x Soft Box
  • 3x amaran P60x Soft Box Light Control Grid
  • 3x AC Power Supply
  • 3x AC Power Cable
  • 3x Tilting Mounting Support with ¼-20in & ⅜-16in Spigot
  • 1x amaran P60x 3-Light Kit Carrying Case