Light Box 45×45



  • – Designed for amaran 60/100/200 series
  • – 45x45cm (1.5×1.5ft) Bowens Mount Narrow Rectangular Softbox
  • – 30cm (11.8in) Depth
  • – Narrow Design for Clean Edge Lights and Reflections
  • – Quick & Simple 4-Rod Design
  • – 2 Densities of Front Diffusion (1.5 Stop & 2.5 Stop)
  • – 45° Fabric Light Control Grid
  • – Carrying Bag Included
  • – 0.68kg (1.5lbs) Lightweight Construction
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The Light Box 45×45 is a compact Bowens Mount Square Softbox. Designed with creators, photographers, and filmmakers in mind, the Light Box transforms hard point-source LEDs like the amaran COB 60 series or LS 300 series into lightweight soft lights for all forms of content creation, from portraiture to product photography.

Compact, square design. Measuring 45x45cm (~18inx18in), the square design is more expansive than typical 1×1 LED panels, resulting in a softer output that is perfect as a key, fill, or backlight for on-the-go content creation, livestreaming, and photography.

Easy setup in seconds. Simply attach the 4 rods to the Bowens Mount speed ring adapter for a quick and easy setup. The Light Box 45×45 also packs flat into its included carrying bag – making it the perfect addition for mobile or run-and-gun content creation or shooting in tight spaces.

Ultimate lightweight travel LED kit. Pair the Light Box 45×45 with the amaran COB 60d or COB 60x and its matching Handheld Bracket for a mobile key light or fill light. This entire handheld lighting kit comfortably packs into a backpack, so it can accompany you to any location, near or far.


  • – 1x Light Box 45×45 Softbox
  • – 1x Fabric Light Control Grid (45º)
  • – 1x Front Diffusion 1 (1.5 Stop)
  • – 1x Front Diffusion 2 (2.5 Stop)
  • – 1x Bowens Mount Speed Ring Adapter
  • – 1x Carrying Bag