LS 1200 Four-Light Bracket



  • – Supports Up to 4 LS 1200d Pro Lamp Heads Mounted on a Single Frame
  • – Achieves 4800W of Light Output with 1200d Pro
  • – 4 Junior Pin Receivers (28mm / 1.125in) Compatible With Any Fixtures With Junior Mounting Pins
  • – Junior Mounting Pin (28mm / 1.125in) Compatible With Stands and Rigging Hardware With Junior Pin Mounting Receivers
  • – Independent Pan/Tilt Adjustment For Each Lamp to Light From Various Angles and Directions
  • – Dual Heavy-Duty Rosette Yoke to Support Heavy Lights
  • – Durable Aluminum Build With Reinforced Corners


The LS 1200 Four Light Bracket for the Light Storm 1200d Pro* allows users to mount and operate up to four LS 1200d Pros* or other high-output LED fixtures with Junior Mounting Pins on a single heavy-duty aluminum frame for an ultra-high-powered lighting setup, unleashing up to 4800W of directional daylight-balanced light.

Independent pan/tilt adjustment. In addition to panning and tilting the whole fixture with the dual heavy-duty rosette locks, the 4 junior pin receivers grant independent pan-tilt adjustment to each lamp head, allowing users to achieve a wider spread of light or a high-intensity push in a single direction.

For professional setups. By consolidating four LS 1200d Pro fixtures onto a single stand or rigging point, filmmakers and lighting technicians can conserve valuable space on set, particularly when needing to position multiple high-output fixtures high up in the air.

* LS 1200d Pro sold separately.