LS 600d PRO


Key Features
  • Color: 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 96
  • Beam Angle with 55° Reflector
  • Wireless DMX, Bluetooth Control
  • 4 Dimming Modes, Wireless Range: 328′
  • Comparable to a 1200W HMI
  • 8 Built-In Lighting Effects
  • AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
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The LS 600d Pro is one of the brightest point-source LED lights on the market, boasting an immensely bright 600W COB LED output. Designed with professionals in mind, the LS 600d Pro features a 5,600K CCT, weather-resistant construction, wide variety of power options, impeccable color accuracy of a CRI/TLCI scores of 96+ and SSI(D56) score of 72, and professional level lighting controls to transform your lighting scene for any production.

Unmatched brightness. Equipped with Bowens Mount compatibility for modular lighting control, the LS 600d Pro is capable of outputting 8,500 lux at 3 meters with the included LS 600 Series Hyper Reflector, or 29,300 lux at 3 meters with the F10 Fresnel modifier in 15° spot. 

Most advanced power system in the LED marketplace. The LS 600d Pro features multi-voltage V & Gold Mount battery plates which include revolutionary charging functionality, giving the LS 600d Pro the ability to refill batteries when plugged into AC power between scenes. This revolutionary technology from the 600d Pro opens up a wide variety of options for any filmmaker to be truly built for professionals.



  • 29,300+ lux @ 3m with F10 Fresnel
  • 8,500+ lux @ 3m with Hyper Reflector
  • CRI≥96, TLCI≥96, SSI (D55): 72
  • O-100% Stepless Brightness Control
  • Bowens Mount Compatibility
  • Dust & Light Rain Weather-Resistant
  • Dual Battery Plate Power Supply up to Half or Full Power (14.4V/26V/28.8V)
  • Multiple Control Methods: 2.4GHz Remote, Sidus Link Bluetooth App Control, Built-In Wireless DMX, Art-net, Ethernet, 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
  • 4 Dimming Curves
  • 8 Built-In Lighting FX
  • and more!



  • 1x LS 600d Pro Lamp Head
  • 1x LS 600d Control Box
  • 1x LS 600 Series Hyper Reflector
  • 1x LS 600 Series 5-Pin Weatherproof Head Cable (3m)
  • 1x Neutrik® powerCON AC Power Cable (6m)
  • 1x VA-Remote RC1+
  • 1x Lightning Clamp
  • 1x LS 600d Pro Rolling Carrying Case