LS 600d Standard


Key Features
  • Color: 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 96
  • Beam Angle: 105°, Dims 0-100%
  • 8 Built-In Lighting Effects
  • Bluetooth Remote Controllable
  • DMX-Ready, Sidus Link App Control
  • Bowens S-Mount, Quiet Fan-Cooling
  • Locking Yoke with 360° Rotation
  • Built-in Lightning Clamp QR Plate
  • 2 x V-Mount Battery Plates
  • Multi-Voltage Power, Optional Batteries
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The LS 600d is one of the brightest point-source LED lights on the market that revolutionizes the amount of output most creatives have access to. Designed to be a more accessible lighting tool, the LS 600d is an easy plug-and-play solution for any demanding lighting situation you may encounter as a cinematographer or photographer. 

Streamlined control box. Weighing in at 3.24kg (7.14lbs), the LS 600d controller maintains many of the LS 600d Pro’s control methods and functions, including 2.4G Remote Compatibility, DMX512 In & Out, and Sidus Link, despite being almost half the weight of the lS 600d Pro’s 5.8kg (12.79lbs) control box.

Unmatched brightness. Equipped with Bowens Mount compatibility for modular lighting control, the LS 600d Pro is capable of outputting 8,500 lux at 3 meters with the included LS 600 Series Hyper Reflector, or 29,300 lux at 3 meters with the F10 Fresnel modifier in 15° spot.


  • – 29,300+ lux @ 3m with the F10 Fresnel
  • – 8,500+ lux @ 3m with the Hyper-Reflector
  • – CRI ≥96, TLCI ≥96, SSI (D56): 72
  • – 0-100% Brightness Control in 1% Step Increments
  • – Multiple Control Methods: 2.4GHz Remote, Sidus Link Bluetooth App Control, 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
  • – Can Achieve Half Output with 2x V-Mount / Gold Mount Batteries (14.4V/15A, 26V/8.5A, 28.8V/7.5A)
  • – Supports 48V DC Input Power @ 15A, Including Battery Power Stations & Block Batteries (3-Pin XLR)
  • – Bowens Mount Compatibility
  • – Curved, Handbrake-Locking Yoke with 360° Rotation Dual Junior/Baby Pin (16mm / 28mm | 5/8in / 1.125in)
  • – Built-in Lightning Clamp Quick Release Plate
  • – 4 Dimming Curves
  • – 8 Built-in Lighting FX
    and more!


  • – 1x LS 600d Lamp Head
  • – 1x LS 600d Control Box
  • – 1x LS 600 Series 5-Pin Weatherproof Head Cable (3m)
  • – 1x Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP AC Power Cable (6m)
  • – 1x Lightning Clamp
  • – 1x LS 600d Rolling Case