Quick Release Clamp



  • – Rig Control Boxes or Battery Power stations Onto Lighting Stands
  • – Clamp Onto Square or Round Pipes with a Diameter Between 2-5cm (0.79-1.97in)
  • – Secure Mounting Method for for Aputure Fixtures
  • – Attaches to Built-In Lightning Clamp Quick Release Plate
  • – Compatible with Male V-Mount Quick Release Plate


The Lightning Quick Release Clamp securely attaches products, such as control boxes or battery power stations, to lighting stands or any other secure mounting point.

Compatible with LS 300d II, LS 600d, LS 600d Pro, LS 600x Pro, LS 600c Pro, LS 1200d Pro, Nova P300c, Nova P600c, amaran F21x, amaran F21c, amaran F22x, and amaran F22c.

Secure mounting method. The Lightning Clamp provides a secure mounting method for any Aputure fixture with a Lightning Clamp Quick Release Plate built into the structure of the light. For fixtures without a built-in Quick Release Plate, the Lightning Clamp is also compatible with the Male V-Mount Quick Release Plate that can be inserted into any V-Mount Battery Receiver and then be attached to the Lightning Quick Release Clamp.


  •  1x Lightning Quick Release Clamp