W.Lav Micro (Black)


Key Features
  • Film, Video, Interview, Presentation
  • For Various Transmitters via Adapter
  • Omnidirectional for Consistent Levels
  • 3mm Subminiature Design
  • Extra Shielding for Digital Wireless
  • 1.2mm Ultrathin and Durable Cable
  • Includes Mounting Accessories


  • Miniature Size 3*10mm
  • 5.9′ (1.8m) cable length allows ease of connection to transmitters at the ankle
  • Microdot Adapter for flexible connection to most Wireless Transmitters in the

The 3mm diameter mic element and 1.2mm cable width make this mic visually discreet and easy to conceal in clothing or costumes. The 1.8m silicone cable is designed to minimize handling noise even when threaded beneath tight-fitting outfits. Microdot adapters from Deity Microphones allow you to adapt the W.Lav Pro to Sennheiser Locking 3.5mm, Sony UWP 3.5mm, Lectrosonics TA5F, Shure TA4F, various Lemo transmitters and Deity Connect. (Note: Microdot adapters are sold separately)

Now that 4K shooting is the norm, and 6/8K cameras are on on the verge of being mainstream, the ability to hide a lavalier from all those peeping pixels is more important than ever before. The black Deity Microphones W.Lav Micro Subminiature Omni Lavalier Microphone with Microdot Only is an omnidirectional lavalier microphone with a 3mm, subminiature capsule and an ultrathin cable designed to be extremely easy to hide and never be seen.

The W.Lav Micro features an omnidirectional polar pattern that picks up audio from all around the capsule, helping to keep levels consistent, even when the talent turns away from the mic. The microphone delivers clear, natural dialogue and speech capture for presenters and performers working in film, news gathering, broadcast, house of worship, public speaking, and presentation settings.

The microphone terminates with a microdot connector. It is compatible with several wireless transmitters via a selection of separately available Deity microdot adapters. Five different types of adapters are offered by the company for use with transmitters from Sennheiser, Shure, Lectrosonics, Sony, Rode, Senal, Zaxcom, Azden, and more.

The 1.2mm-thick cable is durable enough to withstand 43 foot-pound of tension before snapping. This is achieved by weaving synthetic polymers inside the silicone jacket. The silicone jacket also helps prevent cable noise from being transmitted to the mic. Extra shielding inside the cable was added to help protect against digitally modulated RF signals that could cause unwanted buzzing noises on your next shoot.

The W.Lav Micro works with a wide variety of popular lavalier accessories and hiding tools. Use the supplied Rycote stickies and undercovers to assist in mic placement and concealment. There is a foam windscreen to inhibit light wind noise and plosives. A carrying pouch is also included.

What Is In The Box

1 x  W.Lav Micro (Black)

2 x Foam Windscreen

5 x Rycote Stickies

1 x Undercovers

1 x Surgical Tape

1 x Carrying Pouch